Stanislaw Filibert Fleury fotografija (LNM)Seven wooden and one masonry gates symbolizes the places of changing and recovering. The masonry or iron gates have got three arches; they are massive, with small tiled roofs. The wooden gates are very light and ordinary. All the gates are decorated with crosses, but wooden are covered by the toothed cornices.

Near the gates people kneel and pray. According tradition it is said to avoid the side sections, especially left side, because the traitor of Christ has passed through that section. It is better to go through the central part, where Jesus Christ has gone carrying His cross.

Pirmieji vandens vartai. Klaudijaus Driskiaus fotografija Pirmieji Siono vartai. Klaudijaus Driskiaus fotografija Geležiniai vartai, už jų – XV stotis. Klaudijaus Driskiaus fotografija