Relic of the Holy Cross

Šv. Kryžiaus relikvija. Arnoldo Stasiulio fotografijaMost of old Calvaries have had a relic of the Holy Cross and meditation on the Passion of Christ was an important part of devotional practice. Samogitian Calvary has got such relic too. The 18th century cross with a piece of wood of the Holy Cross is preserved in Vilnius Calvary church as well. It is artistic, silver, decorated with gold and crystals cross. It was stolen in 1960. In 2002, a stealer returned it to Catholics of Vilnius through the mediation of Orthodox Metropolitan Filaret of Minsk and Sluck. The relic of the Cross itself was lost during that four decades. The document which had been found in the cross affirmed that the piece of the Holy Cross was being kept separately from the silver cross. So its fate is unknown. Metropolitan Filaret took care to get a new piece of the Holy Cross from the patriarch of Jerusalem and returned it together with the cross to Catholics of Vilnius. The ceremony of returning of the relic was on May 4, 2003. The relic of the Holy Cross is displayed for adoration at the side Altar of Mother of Sorrows.